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Winter Campaigns

The Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are about to face another crisis. This time, it is the merciless winter. In Bangladesh particularly at Chittagong, the temperature plummets below 20 degrees. The 6,00,000 Rogingya refugees, who fled with very few clothing, are not prepared to face this harsh winter. They are highly vulnerable as they are living in makeshift camps and shelters. These shelters are very basic in nature and are not ready to protect them from bitterness of cold, wind and rain. Apart from cold, rain makes their lives more miserable. The rainwater gets into their shelters from every corner and they have nothing to stop it. The children, women and old are particularly vulnerable as they are weak. They are in need of urgent help.  

The refugees urgently need blankets, warm clothing, shower facilities, hot food, cooking utensils and strong shelter. Our aid workers are on the ground from the very first day of the crisis. We are distributing aid day in and day out with our local partners.

As the winter has already started, the outbreak of the cold related diseases such as flue, hypothermia and frostbite are looming around the corner.

These refugees are urgently in need of medication in order to prevent any outbreak of disease.

Global Aid is working hard to prevent any outbreak. Our medical team is providing basic medical support on the ground.  

Please donate generously and be part of our Winter Campaign program.