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Health Care Projects

Cataract project

It is estimated that millions of people are blind or visually impaired due to Cataract problems. 80% of this blindness and visual disability is preventable and/or treatable. Cataracts, the clouding of the human lens is responsible for more than 50% of avoidable blindness, though sight can be easily restored by a 30-minute operation. Today, less than 10% of these cases receive surgical treatment. You can give the "Gift of Sight" through Global Aid Trust for an operation costing just £50.00!
At the moment GAT runs two projects in Bangladesh successfully which will be extended to other countries gradually.
Within last three years under the banner of GAT a large number of cataract operations have been performed on patients of different areas of Bangladesh, using the latest technology. Also eye camps were set up, where free spectacles and medicines were available for poor patients. Insha Allah in 2012 a surgical team from the UK will be sent to Bangladesh for cataract operations and some other complicated operations.

Future cataract project
We have a plan to establish a Mobile Eye Hospital which will aim to move from place to place by road throughout Bangladesh Insha Allah. It will the first of its kind in Bangladesh.